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Debt Consolidation

Are you tired of making minimum payments on your credit cards and not getting anywhere because of your high interest rates?

Are you behind on your bills and just can't catch up?

Debt consolidation is a process to combine all your outstanding debts such as credit card, personal loans, and certain installment loans into one loan account. For example, you may have an existing loan with a balance of $2,500 and a credit card balance of $3,500. These could all be consolidated into one loan of $6,000.

The benefits of debt consolidation are:

-Avoid filing bankruptcy.
-Stop receiving harassment from different creditors.
-Reduced debt monthly payments (Usually lower interest rate after consolidation, but maybe longer repayment period).
-Provide one monthly payment.

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Let Our Debt Management Team Work for YOU!

We will:

-Reduce your monthly payment up to 50%

-Consolidate your debt into ONE low monthly payment

-Reduce your number of payments

-End harassing phone calls

-Stop late and over limit fees

-Lower your interest rates

-Save your credit rating

-Payoff your credit card debt in 4 - 7 years, instead of 20 - 30!

-Avoid the 10 year bankruptcy penalty on your credit rating

-We negotiate with credit card companies on your behalf and can:
1. Lower or eliminate late payment penalties
2. Lower or eliminate interest going forward
3. Protect your credit rating

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